The Zahala Towers project consists of one 8-floor tower and another 14-floor tower, offering a new level of finishes, color, spirit, and matter.

New Tel Aviv aesthetics. Innovative urban construction at the heart of a long-standing neighborhood dotted with detached houses. Access to the buildings from Romema Street is made possible through a bridge suspended over a green, tranquil patio. The unique balconies protrude from the outline of the building, creating additional facades, an outdoor living room of sorts, facing an urban landscape on one side and a green lung on the other side.

The project offers an unprecedented and unique mix of apartments with many styles and sizes, while ensuring design flexibility, offering you an opportunity to put in your personal touch. Architect Gidi Bar Orian designed Zahala Towers as a private housing complex which includes a business lounge, environmental planning, and premium finishes – a combination which offers a unique and prestigious living experience.

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Watch | Construction progress

Watch | Liat Timor visits the project